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Whether you are a singer/songwriter or full band; seasoned pros or just starting out, there is a place for you at The Stone.  We provide concert-style lighting and sound in an intimate venue, a backup band if necessary, and perhaps more importantly, fellow musicians who want you to succeed and care about mentoring and striving for something remarkable.

As a church ministry we are, of course, supportive of Christian artists and bands, but acts of any genre that are 'family-friendly' are welcome to partner with us.  As musicians ourselves we know it can be difficult finding musician-friendly places to play while trying to avoid the mind-numbing and soul-crushing bar scene.  We hope to promote a positive and accepting culture that creates a great experience for both musicians and audience.

The Stone does not "book bands", but partners with you to create a quality show.  We believe "religiously" (haha that's a joke) that musicians should get paid for what they do.  We are a charitable organization and will not profit from these events.  Donations will be accepted at the door and aside from covering any expenses we may have incurred, the money received will go to the bands.

We also host Jam night/open mic nights that are open to any skill level.  You can come down, bring a song, bring a friend, hang out, play or just listen.  Let's make some music!

Future plans include capturing your performance with multi-track audio and video at a nominal cost.  Yours to sell or use for promo!

Interested in getting involved, performing or just checking us out?  Drop us a line!

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